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2018年09月12日 10:03:37  来源:美讯网

www.hg989933.com:  四险企净利下滑  3月29日晚间,新华发布的年报数据显示,新华去年实现保费收入1125.6亿元,实现新业务价值104.49亿元,同比增长36.4%。


马慧贞 ,名如今,字铭徽,号仁华。中国书法家协会会员,中国美术家协会辽宁省美协会员,上海FORART艺术社团—特邀艺术家。马惠贞创作领域广阔,尤擅人物、绘画、书法、陶瓷设计、花布纹样设计。多次参加国际和中国美术作品展览,作品被多家艺术机构和个人收藏。入选当代世界优秀美术家名人录。

Mahuizhen Ah, the name is now, the word inscription emblem, number Renhua.Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, Member of the Liaoning Provincial Artists Association of the Chinese Artists Association; Invited Artist of Shanghai FORART Art Society. Ma Huizhen has a broad creative field, especially good at figure, painting, calligraphy, ceramic design, floral pattern design. She has participated in many international and Chinese art exhibitions, and his works have been collected by many art institutions and individuals. She was selected to be a famous artist of the world.



In order to show Ma Huizhen's long history of art and academic achievements,  The forart Art Society held a "Italy China" Sketch Works Exhibition. The old artist's tour of Italian art has left a memorable footprint, which is a precious exchange between Chinese and Western cultures, as well as a representative artist and international of China an artist's dialogue.



The exhibition will highlight Ma Huizhen's new work from Europe.


这次欧洲之行催生了艺术家的《凤翔天下》作品诞生,受邀于2018年7月意大利都灵艺术作品展。作者始于意大利都灵,途径法国巴黎、维也纳、意大利米兰,佛伦伦萨,都灵,罗马,梵蒂冈,等十余座博物馆古城和教堂,她一路看一路画,累积了厚厚一本写生作品,作品饱览油画、雕塑、建筑的经典人文风光,艺术家真诚、坦率、热情,充满了对生活的热爱、对艺术的追求 。

This trip to Europe led to the birth of the artist's work "Fengxiang world", which was invited to the art exhibition in Turin, Italy in July 2018.The author started in Turin, Italy, and traveled through Paris, Vienna, and Milan in France, Florence, Turin, Rome, and the Vatican, and more than 10 museums, ancient cities and churches, she saw all the way painting, accumulated a thick sketch works, works full of oil painting, sculpture, the classic human scenery of fresco and architecture is sincere, frank and warm. Full of love for life, the pursuit of art  .



The exhibition works are divided into three levels: The beauty of life, the thinking of humanity, the realm of the soul, and the beauty of life. Humanistic thinking, an important expression of the emotional care of Chinese cultural tradition. The soul of the environment focuses on the inner world, the spirit of the Chinese nation and aesthetic freedom, and the author is committed to the natural integration of traditional artistic creation practice and contemporary design. It is a rare artistic enjoyment.


每日 10:00——17:00 时段开放
地址:北京市通州区宋庄镇小堡北街8号(月阳晓镇艺术区A-104 东视圣轩美术馆)



Artist Ma Huizhen Curator song Ke opening September 18th - September 23rd 2018. Grand Opening party starting at 10AM on September 18th.

Opening Hours  |  Tuesday to Sunday  10AM  - 5PM (Closed Monday).
Address   |  No.8, Xiaobao North Street, Songzhuang Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing (a-104, Yueyang Xiaozhen Art District East as Shengxuan Art Museum).